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Friday, April 14, 2006

New England Highway

and continues through Cunningham Highway in Queensland to Brisbane See also: New England Interstate Highways, a system of numbered highways in New England, USA, from 1922 to 1927. The New England Highway is a highway in Australia. It traverses the New England (Australia) region of New South Wales and also extends into southern Queensland. The New England Highway is part of the National Highway (Australia) network, which means that the federal government, not the New South Wales state government, pays for their maintenance and development.


The 1047 km Sydney–Brisbane National Highway route follows the Sydney–Newcastle Freeway (National Highway 1) and the New England and Cunningham highways (both part of National Highway 15). This interstate corridor serves the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions. Further north, the highway serves the New England Region, including the cities of Tamworth and Armidale, and the Southern Downs Region near the New South Wales–Queensland border.


When some of the highways in Australia were designated as national highways in the 1970s, the New England Highway was considered to be the most suitable route to be the main highway linking New South Wales and Queensland. However, due to increasing population and development in the North Coast, New South Wales, it is the coastal Pacific Highway (Australia) which is being upgraded to four-lane motorway standards while the inland New England Highway languishes. Thus, the New England Highway is the fastest route from Sydney to Brisbane as it avoids busy coastal towns and hence interstate freight traffic is heavy. It is also better suited for intercapital travel particularly during peak holiday seasons when stretches of Pacific Highway are congested. As a result New England Highway is being straightened and bypasses are planned or being built.


The New England Highway commences at its junction with the Pacific Highway (Australia) at Hexham, New South Wales, a few kilometers inland from Newcastle, New South Wales. It connects the following towns:
Maitland, New South Wales
Branxton, New South Wales
Singleton, New South Wales
Aberdeen, New South Wales
Scone, New South Wales
Tamworth, New South Wales
Armidale, New South Wales
Glen Innes, New South Wales
Tenterfield In Queensland (as National Highway 15)
Stanthorpe, Queensland
Warwick, Queensland From Warwick to Toowoomba, Queensland the route number changes to National free adobe acrobatRoute 42, which is the Cunningham Highways route number between Warwick and Goondiwindi, Queensland. From Toowoomba to Hampton, Queensland larenzo52ddis has state route number 85. From Hampton through to Yarraman, Queensland it has state route number 61. The highway terminates at Yarraman. Below is a short description of some of the towns.


A major centre for the Hunter Valley dotted with many vineyards. It actually grew the past 2 decades unlike many other country towns as its economic base diversifies. In addition to viticulture, it is also a major tourist centre. A major army base is located here. The pretty and historic Putty Road (State Highway 69) connects it with Sydneys western suburbs.


A quiet country town with wide streets set amongst the wide sweeping pastoral landscape.


A town reknowned for it thoroughbred stud farms.


The largest city in Northern NSW and is the centre of a rich agricultural district. It is also a thriving industrial and commercial centre. Famous as the Country Music Capital of Australia. adobe acrobat reader free download


Located in the northern tablelands, Armidale has 4 pronounced seasons. Snow often falls around here. It is also the hub of a thriving pastoral area famous for its high quality wool.University of New England, the main seat of learning acrobat reader free downloadand a major employer is located here. The student population makes up a significant proportion of the towns inhabitants. Features beautiful landscapes, parks and historic buildings.

Glen Innes

A Celtic-flavoured town that owes much to the Scottish settlers who came to the district in pioneering days. A monument commemorates the part they willie5qt2played. This area is still high and snowed occasionally.


A town more known by its deeds acrobat reader downloadrather than its attractions. The place of the Tenterfield Oration and hometown of the crooner Peter Allen. The closest NSW town to the Queensland border. The New England Highway crosses the State border into Queensland at Wallangarra, Queensland, and continues to Stanthorpe, Queensland, Warwick, Queensland and Toowoomba, Queensland in Queensland. The Warwick - Toowomba stretch is designated as National Route 42. Traffic proceeding to Brisbane turns onto the Cunningham Highway (National Highway 15) north of Warwick, Queensland.


Located on free adobe acrobat readerthe Cunningham Highway, famous for its vineyards and orchards. It also has a fine national acrobat distillerpark with plenty of bush walking trails.


Last major town before Brisbane (Ipswich, Queensland can be regarded more as a Brisbanes commuter city). A major city set in rolling hills on the banks of the Condamine River. Famous for its rodeo and its rose gardens.


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