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ierne market

Friday, April 14, 2006

Boat anchor

In computing, a boat anchor is a piece of useless computer hardware - so-called because theoretically their only productive use is to be thrown into the water as a boat mooring (a common use for large obsolete or non-functional pieces of machinery). Early computers, where the term adobe acrobat 70originated, were physically large adobe acrobatand heavy devices, making them eminently suitable for such acrobat readera use. The original acrobat distillermeaning was simply that the computer gear in question was obsolete, and no longer useful. acrobat readerA later meaning acrobat reader downloadis a piece of hardware or software that serves no useful purpose that is kept around for political tomek9lcpreasons. Often, everyone is secretly karimejx1waiting for it to be used again, so it is no longer a derelict eyesore. In this meaning, a boat anchor is considered an example of an anti-pattern.


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